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Brick house

1125 Buck Lane

Atlanta, GA 30080

Photos: click link to view/download photos

Roof Condition:

Condition is poor. Excessive granule loss and showing fibers. Roof replacement recommended

Exterior Structure: 

Acceptable condition. No signs of settling or excessive cracking. 


Older aluminum style windows. 3 of them are damaged. Appears to be repairable. 


AC Condenser: 

Manufactured in 1992. Possible end of lifespan. Recommended replacement. 

*AC condenser lifespan is typically 15-20 years*


Manufactured in 2009

*Furnace lifespan is typically 15-20 years*

Water heater:

Manufactured in 2005

*Water heater lifespan is typically 8-12 years*

Service Panel (Electrical panel):

Fuse Style. Recommend upgrade.  

Kitchen Cabinets:

The kitchen cabinets could potentially be restored.  


Attic appears to be in normal condition. No signs of moisture damage. 

Crawlspace moisture:

No signs of moisture or erosion. 

Foundation settling/cracking:

No signs of foundation settling or cracking outside the normal level. 

Plumbing type:

Plumbing is galvanized throughout the home. Recommended replacement. 

Floor joist/subfloor condition:

Floor sag in the main hallway bath. Floor joists and subfloor will need repair.

*Actual report is delivered by email (in most cases as soon as the inspection has been completed). Report above is for demonstration purposes only. 

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