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Home Inspection

We get it

At Walter Residential, we understand that knowledge of investment purchases minimizes risks and accelerates the negotiation process. We see inspections as an investment rather than an expense. By conducting pre-purchase inspections, you will be able to...

  1. Identify the quality and structure of the home by a certified inspector. 

  2. Begin the estimation process before the closing. 

  3. Maximize the amount of your return. 

How does it work exactly?





To schedule an inspection we will need a little information from you about the house. 


1. Is it vacant or occupied?

2. Address of the home?

3. How will we get in?

(Is there a lock box or will someone meet us there to let us in?)

If you have a steady need for inspections, we will create a streamlined process for handling new properties.


To complete an inspection we need full access to the house. Roof, interior, exterior and crawlspace.



In an inspection we are looking for high-dollar items that will need replacing. We are walking through taking photos of every room (if possible) from multiple angles, as well as a walk through video of the home's layout. A complete inspection is typically 20-30 minutes. 


Once we have completed the full inspection, the report will be completed and we will start the photo upload process. 

When do I get the report?

In most cases the report is submitted to the client within an hour after the inspection is completed. 

How will the report be sent?

The report will be sent by email. In the report will be a link to the photos/videos of the home. 

What is included

Investment Pre-purchase Inspection

Any investment is a risk so we are here to help minimize that risk with just the right amount of information you need to make an informed decision. A pre-purchase inspection includes 4 major pieces shown below... 

Driveway damage

Reporting on exterior condition and highlights on any major issues

1. Exterior Condition

What's included?

Patch recommended

Cracked Asphalt

Roof in poor health


Full roof replacement recommended

Damaged windows

Multiple windows damaged 

and will require repair.

Image by Jimmy Ofisia

Avg. lifespan 15-20 years (rec replacement)

1996 AC Condenser


Major foundation repair required



Deck damaged

Full deck replacement required

damaged deck.jpg

Photo & Description

Electrical Service

Panel style: Fuse style

Photos of interior condition and reporting and major issues

2. Interior Condition

What's included?

Upgrade to breaker style (recommended)

fuse panel.jpg

Plumbing type: Galvanized

Recommended replacement


Kitchen cabinets

Good condition. Possible restoration

Minimalistic Kitchen

Photo & Description


Flooring appears to be in acceptable condition. 

Wooden Floor

Furnace Age: 2018

Photos of Attic condition and reporting and major issues

3. Attic Condition

What's included?

Furnace has been installed

with the last 5 years

Burner Blower

Roof Truss Structure

Acceptable condition

Roof Construction

Photo & Description

Photos of Basement/Crawlspace condition and reporting and major issues

4. Basement/Crawlspace

What's included?


Flooring structure

Flooring structure in acceptable condition



Image by Марьян Блан | @marjanblan

Foundation in acceptable condition

How much does it cost?

We would love to hear from you!

Thanks! Someone will be in contact soon!

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